DROPLESS DRY EYE THERAPY - IProX is our new combination IPL-RF device and the most advanced treatment for dry eye syndrome.

Mission & Vision

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Wheatlyn EyeCare Philosophy

We believe that everyone deserves to see the world clearly. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide the highest quality eye care, products, and services. Our genuine enthusiasm and excellent service combine to create happy and healthy patients who return for recommended follow-up care and refer family and friends to our offices. Our Practices pride themselves on delivering eye care with a personal touch. We work as a team to make our offices a welcoming environment. Patients will have a better experience at our offices because they see how we respect and support each other.

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Community Responsibility

Our practices donate to and support many local schools, organizations and charitable works in Central Pennsylvania. Dr. Tuttle conducts vision clinics in El Salvador, providing exams and glasses to those without access to care. Dr. Leitzel is past Chair and sits on the board of directors for Vision Resources of Central Pennsylvania, a non-profit that employees handicapped individuals and provides services for blind and visually impaired people.

Dr. Leitzel served as Director and Chairman of the Board for Tri-County Association for the Blind. While presiding over the board, he strategically planned, organized and successfully launched the Vision Rehab Center (VRC). VRC is a low vision rehab center that unites the specialty care of a low vision center with social and occupational rehabilitation services to meet the needs of those who suffer from low vision.

Dr. Leitzel currently serves as Executive Director of the PA Vision Foundation. He is responsible for overseeing operations, program development, strategic planning and board administration. The PA Vision Foundation’s mission is to conduct and finance projects to foster and preserve human eyesight through the science of optometry in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Its vision is to positively impact the lives of Pennsylvanians through advancements in optometry and access to quality eye care.