Ortho-K (CRT) Testimonials

ERIN, Age 12

I've worn glasses since I was 7 years old. It's been good to wake up in the morning and take the contacts out and being able to see, that's been cool, and not having to wear glasses. I also look a lot different with out glasses on, and I really like that. I don't like glasses. It's also good not to have to wear contacts during the daytime. When I go swimming I don't have to worry about taking off my glasses or putting them on when I get out. I'm really excited about my new vision!



I love OrthoK! I thought that sleeping in contacts would be a bit weird — but I don't even notice them. I LOVE not wearing contacts during the day and being able to see. I was considering surgery — but it made me a bit nervous. With OrthoK I have the benefits of perfect vision and none of the hassle of surgery.



These CRT contacts are great! They're much easier to wear than day contacts because there are so many things that can get into your eyes at school.When you sleep with the contacts you never feel them (at least I don't). It's also nice to know that you can easily take out the contacts or look at your eye, since you're home. When I wake up, I have perfect vision. It's amazing!! Now I can go to the movies and sit wherever I want. It's definitely nice.


Eileen, Age 47

Within the first week I could see 20/20. Being able to get in the car and drive, without contacts or glasses is unbelievable. I've worn glasses since 14 and contacts since 17 and this is amazing.I was in the pool yesterday and could look out and see the pine cones with such clarity. I swam underwater and did not hit the wall.


Alyssa, Age 23

It's a MIRACLE! In my wildest dreams, I never envisioned (see that pun) that I would be able to wake up and see clearly without my contact lenses or my glasses ALL day and evening long. My vision is even better now than when I was wearing my contact lenses. I would have been skeptical had I not complete faith in all past decisions that you have made regarding my vision when you suggested that I try CRT, as it seemed to be too good to be true. As you are well aware, I have extremely tender eyeballs and found even my soft contact lenses to be irritating quite often. I was always ready to remove them by the end of the day. It is so wonderful to be able to wake up, pop out my CRT lenses, hop in the shower and see clearly. As a person not able to see the E on the vision chart clearly, it is amazing to be able to see so well in all situations. I just put them back in at bedtime, close my eyes, and wake up still maintaining my good vision.I have told several friends and colleagues about this amazing therapy and am happy to report that they are considering it, as they, like myself, are still not ready to contemplate laser vision surgery. Thanks again for making this wonderful suggestion.

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