Frame Facts

Your eyeglasses should fit comfortably and securely and should not rub behind your ears or irritate the bridge of your nose. If they don't feel right, an Optician can adjust the hinges, bridges or temples for a more comfortable fit. They can also design the "tilt" of the glasses on your face and the "wrap" of the glasses around your face to maximize vision and comfort.

Frame Variety

There are a wide variety of frame materials which can impact performance, durability and comfort such as titanium, memory metals, stainless steel and numerous high-tech options in ‘plastic.’ Style features such as non-slip bridges, gripper temples, spring hinges, shields, wraps and venting systems add value and comfort and pump up your performance at the same time.

Framing your face

When choosing a frame style, try on frames that are the opposite shape of your face.

  • Round shaped faces - square shapes that minimize roundness.

  • Heart shaped faces - frames with low temples and lenses that get wider at the bottom.

  • Square shaped faces - rounder frames that soften the lines of your face.

  • Triangular shaped faces - cat's eye shaped frames that complement your wider jaw line.

  • Oblong shaped faces - aviator or rimless bottoms that add width to the forehead while softening

    and narrowing the appearance of the jaw, chin and cheeks.

  • Oval shapes faces - frames that are wide as or wider than the broadest part of your face and help

    keep the oval's natural balance.

    Frame materials

    Most frame materials are metal or plastic. Metal is the lightest, but plastic is more durable and often more suitable for children and people with thicker lenses. Some of the newest metal frames are so flexible; they can be twisted around your finger and still snap back undamaged. Safety glasses have built in safety features, including strong, polycarbonate materials that are resistant to breakage.

Frames for children

The key to success with children who need to wear glasses is selecting a frame that is comfortable, durable and one that is downright "cool". Allowing your child to have a role in choosing frames makes getting glasses an exciting and personal experience.

When fitting children with glasses, our Opticians will likely recommend a metal frame with flexible hinges for durability and nose pads for comfort. The lenses in children's glasses should be made of impact resistance polycarbonate material, which is strong and durable. A scratch resistant coating is also a good idea.

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