Contact Lens Care Tips

  • Visit your eye doctor every year for a complete eye examination.

  • If eyes become red or irritated, remove the lenses immediately and consult your doctor.

  • Remember to "RRD" (Rub, Rinse, Disinfect) your lenses after removal and before wearing them again.

  • Always wash and rinse your hands carefully before handling your lenses.

  • Don't use saliva to clean your lenses.

  • Solutions can become contaminated through contact with lenses. Do not let the bottle tip touch any surface, including your contact lenses.

  • Clean, rinse and air-dry your lens case each time lenses are removed to avoid bacterial growth.

  • Replace contacts regularly because they wear out over time. Throw away disposable lenses after the recommended wearing period.

  • Keep your eyes looking pretty and healthy by putting your contacts on before applying makeup and taking your lenses off before removing makeup.

Eye exams are important yearly health examinations! Contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule an appointment

 Contact us with any questions you may have or to  schedule an appointment.

Please call 717.266.5661 for emergencies or after hours.


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